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The Sahel, a region spanning from Senegal to Eritrea, is currently the battleground for an undeclared war involving various global powers. Russia’s private military company, Wagner, has established a strong presence in the Sahel, alongside France, China, and the United States. Wagner, with its ties to the Kremlin, operates as a profit-based enterprise while pursuing Russian state interests in Africa. Its primary objective is to disrupt Western interests and gain political capital, positioning itself as an alternative to French influence in the region. This article explores the complex dynamics of the proxy conflicts, subversion, and brinkmanship unfolding in the Sahel.

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In this complex landscape of proxy conflicts and geopolitical maneuvering, African nations find themselves caught between competing global powers. The best course of action for these nations lies in skillful maneuvering, playing all camps against one another, and avoiding hard commitments that cannot be reversed. Maintaining composure and adapting to changing circumstances will be crucial to mitigate the risk of open conflict and ensure Africa’s interests are safeguarded.

In conclusion, the undeclared war in the Sahel highlights the intricate web of geopolitical interests and proxy conflicts unfolding in the region. Wagner’s expansion and objectives, French influence, Chinese interests, and potential alliances all contribute to the evolving dynamics in Africa. As the Sahel’s future will have a significant impact on the global economy, navigating this complex landscape requires a delicate balancing act and strategic decision-making from all stakeholders involved.

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